Fibromyalgia Pain and Postural Syndrome

Does your body ache so badly that you can hardly move? Are you always dead tired and yet find that you have difficulty sleeping? Medical testing of blood, urine and x-ray has failed to find anything wrong – but still the problem goes on.

You might have received the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia – this is the diagnosis given to those suffering from diffuse pain involving the muscles and fibrous tissues of the body. It involves nonspecific pain which is difficult to localize. Those who suffer from Fibromyalgia generally experience some combination of the following symptoms:

–   Achey, burning pain around the neck, trunk and hips
–  Headaches, numbness and tingling in the hands
–  Morning stiffness, often associated with a poor nights sleep
–  Lack of energy and an increasing level of fatigue as the day progresses
–  Significant pain to light touch at specific series of tender points
–  Change in moods and thinking; depression and anxiety

Sometimes we see Postural Syndrome that was labelled as Fibromaylgia. Postural Syndrome involves poor posture that causes pain in the neck and upper back after forcing the body to maintain poor posture for years which sustains stress on normal tissues. This can be experienced as a dull ache or burning sensation in the neck, upper back or shoulders. Just try to hold your finger bent back into extension for a minute and you’ll understand how forced abnormal posture creates pain and discomfort.

We can help with Postural syndrome!  Gentle Chiropractic adjustments will restore movement in the spine, rebalance shortened and imbalanced postural muscles and decrease the overall stress on the nervous system. We also use cold laser therapy to decrease pain and heal injured tissues and shortened postural muscles. This is a quick way to get out of pain with great results.
Here is what our patients had to say:

Fred: “The pain in my neck and upper back was messing me up and I was unable to sleep or work. All positions were very uncomfortable. I cannot believe how quickly the laser worked for me and now I am feeling on top of the world.”

Wayne: “I had pain in my leg for 50 years and missed a lot of work time. Now 2 laser treatments and I already have relief in my leg!”

Barbara: “I had constant pain in my lower back and left hip and gained 100 pounds. Thanks to the stretching exercises and the adjustments that you gave me, I know have no discomfort to speak of. I thank you for letting me be the guardian of my body once more!”

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