Tips For Treating Neck Pain

Suffering from neck pain? Whether it’s a new injury or a chronic recurring problem; there are 3 rules that must be followed to treat it properly.


Try Chiropractic/Conservative care first. It is non-invasive, safe, and an easy way to get the joints moving, get the pressure off the nerves, and to change the long-term postural problems causing your neck pain.

If Chiropractic care can get you better then you don’t need to be referred on for more invasive second level care which is drugs or injections or third level which is surgery.

If you are referred for X-Rays by your doctor or further imaging for neck pain and there is a long wait time – use that time to try Chiropractic care and exhaust this option first – don’t just sit around waiting for months. If your problem is advanced and cannot be solved conservatively, then your still in the cue for medical care but you certainly don’t want to jump a level just because your doctor is unaware of the other options.

Get a diagnosis from your Nanaimo Chiropractor. After a full examination and consultation; your Chiropractor will tell you what is generating the pain. It’s either a joint, nerve or a muscle.


This is important because without really having a diagnosis a lot of people are jumping the level of Chiropractic/Conservative First and are getting treatment at the second or third level or waiting for advanced tests to lead them to second or third level care.

Remember if it is a physical problem generating the pain then your Chiropractor will be able to tell you what it so that you can be treated effectively without drugs, injections or surgery. And the treatment is based on what is causing the pain.


On the first visit for anyone with a history of neck pain, it is important to check how stable and strong the muscles in the front of the neck are.

Lying on your back, you tuck your chin and then lift your head up to 45 degrees. With a healthy, strong neck you should be able to hold that position for up to 1 minute.

Most new patients with chronic neck pain can only hold their head up for 5-10 seconds. Try it yourself.

If the muscles are weak and you don’t have the strength to hold your head up against gravity – then you will not be able to hold the treatment.

So remember when you have neck pain the treatment must make sense to you.

  • Treat conservatively with Chiropractic first.
  • Get a proper diagnosis so that you know what is causing your pain.
  • Check the strength of the neck Stabilizers.

Good luck with getting out of pain quickly and getting moving again…

Dr. Katia Langton
Harbour City Chiropractic

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