Surface Electromyography and Thermography have been added to the diagnostic evaluation at Harbour City Chiropractic.

The SEMG gives an objective measure of muscle tension/spasm.

It does this by measuring small amounts of electricity given off by the muscles when they contract. When there is dysfunction in or around the spine the muscles respond by tensing and bracing to compensate for the problem and attempt to protect the nerves, joints and discs from further injury. The SEMG can be used to show progress during the course of treatments.


faq_thermographyThe Thermograph is a non-invasive diagnostic tool, using infrared temperature sensors to measure body temperature. Areas that measure warm indicate acute soft tissue damage and areas that measure colder indicate long term chronic issues.

In under 15 seconds the thermograph rolls down the entire spine to detect these areas of asymmetry. The unit makes approximately 300 measurements and is very accurate.