Six Weeks Left For Extended Benefits

We have just six weeks left in clinic for 2015 to use up your extended benefits, MSP and DVA coverage for this calendar year. Maximize your Chiropractic wellness and laser treatments to go into the holiday season with the healthiest possible you. If you haven’t used up your Custom Foot Orthotic coverage for 2015; then be sure to take advantage of a second or third pair that is different from your first in size and function.

You can get a pair for your runners, dress orthotics for your dress shoes or boots or a pair of custom foot orthotics for your ski boots or golf shoes. Multiple pairs of custom foot orthotics increases your compliance in wearing them since now you don’t have to switch them around from shoe to shoe. Any patients with a Diabetic custom foot orthotic should ensure that they have a second pair for their house shoes as well as their outside shoes so that their feet are maximally protected and pressure adequately distributed.

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