We are now an Approved Soft Tissue Treatment Centre and patients involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident now have 100% Coverage through an agreement with ICBC and Harbour City Chiropractic.

  • Immediate Approval and We Open The Claim

Physiotherapeutic Modailities:

  • Cold Laser Therapy – to decrease pain and inflammation after your motor vehicle accident.
  • Ultrasound

Motor Vehicle Accident patients now have treatments 100% fully covered through an agreement between ICBC and Harbour City Chiropractic.

  • No referral necessary from Medical Doctors or Adjusters
  • Low velocity impacts may be covered.
  • ICBC directly pays so nothing out of pocket
  • Read more about ICBC claims and Chiropractic care here!

Motor Vehicle Accident injuries often involve injuries to muscles, ligaments, discs, joints and nerves. On your initial examination we will establish the best way to treat your particular injuries with a combination of Chiropractic Therapy, Physiotherapeutic modalities, massage and exercises including:

  • ice/moist heat therapy
  • mobilization/adjustments
  • range of motion exercises
  • muscular stabilization exercises focusing on cervical stability post Motor Vehicle Accident
  • core stability exercises
  • Physiotherapeutic Modalities such as Interferential Current to decrease pain

The sooner after the injury that symptoms develop, the greater the chance of serious damage.

Whiplash symptoms:

  • Neck pain
  • Neck swelling
  • Tenderness along the back of your neck
  • Muscle spasms (in the side or back of your neck)
  • Difficulty moving your neck around
  • Headeaches
  • Pain shooting from your neck into either shoulder or arm

Sometimes, whiplash takes time to develop. You may think you are all right afterwards, but slowly the typical symptoms and stiffness, or tightness in the shoulders may develop. So even if you don’t have pain immediately following a neck injury, you should make an appointment to see your chiropractor. Whiplash can have long term effects on your health, and in the long run it can be associated with other spinal condition such as osteoarthritis and joint pain and premature disc degeneration (faster aging of the spine).

Studies show that Chiropractic care is effective for patients injured in a motor vehicle accident. 72% to 94% of chronic pain patients with whiplash injury had a good outcome and responded well to chiropractic care for:

  • neck pain
  • restricted range of motion
  • radiating pain including numbing and tingling

University Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Bristol, UK
Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine 1999; 21(1): 22-25

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, book your complimentary initial consultation today by calling Harbour City Chiropractic at (250) 758- 1716 or walk-in during our regular office hours and Lara will help activate your claim.