Choosing Between Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Treatment?

Choose both as they both work well together! With trauma or overuse injuries in joints of the spine; movement patterns are altered and the muscles adapt to the changes and often shorten or develop adhesions similar to the gristle we see in cheap meat. Massage therapy will lengthen the muscles and break up the adhesions and gentle Chiropractic adjustments will restore motion to the spine to realign the spine and rebalance the muscles.

Medical doctors will often refer to massage for most injuries without taking into account that Nanaimo Chiropractors gently move the spine to get the nervous system functioning properly because the nerves innervate the muscles. Think about what would happen if there was a really big rock sitting on your garden hose and the water could not get through to the flowers and plants. What happens when you move the rock; you now allow the garden to flourish.

With chronic neck and back pain; there are usually multiple factors contributing to the ongoing pain patterns that need to be dealt with in order to get the person out of pain and prevent reoccurrence. A lot of time neck and back pain can go into remission but will come back when the individual is under physical, chemical or emotional stress.

At Harbour City Chiropractic; our Chiropractors will correct spinal problems by first heating up the muscles with heat packs to relax the muscles, then with the use of specialized flexion-distraction tables; spinal motion and blood flow is restored to the painful areas of the spine. We often use modalities like Cold Laser Therapy to assist in decreasing pain and inflammation and to start the regeneration pathways of injured tissues that is necessary in dealing with chronic pain. Often we use a roller massage table at the end of the adjustment to also keep the muscles lengthened and relaxed.

Our Chiropractors will assess and correct spinal problems but are also dual licensed as Certified Pedorthists; footwear and orthotic specialists. Alot of chronic spinal problems can be caused by dysfunction in the feet which causes problems with every step you take. With each footstep we take; three times our body weight goes through our feet. So with dysfunction in our feet or problems with shock absorption; this can contribute to chronic back problems. We often need to correct this from the ground up otherwise it is like building a house on quicksand!


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