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We are proud to offer Low Level Laser Therapy!

Limited Time Introductory Offer! 5 sessions for only $199
laser-therapyAre you suffering from:

  • a recurring or recent sports injury?
  • stress injuries, like carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI (repetitive strain injury)?
  • constant lower back pain or acute neck pain?
  • knee, elbow or shoulder pain?
  • migraines?
  • arthritis?

If you have these symptoms, it’s time to try LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy).

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

LLLT is the use of low intensity laser technology to provide:

  • relief from pain
  • reduction of inflammation (swelling)
  • repair of damaged tissues
  • back pain therapy
  • chiropractic laser therapy
  • unintrusive therapy for athletic and occupational injuries

This laser pain therapy is non-invasive. No needles, no stitching and no recovery. There are almost always no side effects. You will not feel pain or discomfort. Low intensity laser light energy stimulates recovery at the cellular level to decrease pain and inflammation.

If you are tired of pain and discomfort and think laser therapy might be for you, book your complimentary initial consultation today by calling Harbour City Chiropractic at (250) 758- 1716 or walk-in during our regular office hours.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from patient to patient.