Lots of people have desk jobs and jobs where they sit all day. This can put stress on the discs and joints in your low back. Try the ERGO Sit Fit – a fluid filled disc that you sit on and forces you to change position and move around. These supplies nutrition to the discs in the Lumbar spine that do not have there own blood supply and function like a sponge. They will imbibe fluids with specific movements.

Here is what people are saying:

“I sit for the majority of my day and found that the Ergo Sit made me engage my core and had me working at sitting with proper posture. Less aching in my back and not a headache for 10 months. I would recommend it for anyone sitting over 4 hours per day.” LARA

“I am a letter carrier supervisor for Canada Post and sit for four to five hours daily. After using the Sit Fit I have noticed: I am sitting more ergonomically correct, I have lost 2 inches off my waist due to the fact it feels like I have done 100 sit ups by the end of the day and it forces me to not slouch which prevents any back pain!” KAREN

So if you don’t lie for a living; then come and try our sample Sit Fit in the waiting room!

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