Did You Know That 2009 Was a Tipping Point?

active seniors exercising

2009 was the year that lifestyle related disease; heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure killed more people than infectious diseases. How do we fight these diseases and stay healthy for as long as possible? Simple walking is the answer to managing these. We can fight these diseases on the ground and from the ground up with walking!

So as the weather gets better; our focus is to get out and get active! Whatever you walk now you can add 10 minutes or try to double the time. In order to stay active you need to be able to walk with out pain or discomfort or fear of further damaging your body or feet.

active seniors exercising

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When applied before Nanaimo Chiropractic adjustments, Laser therapy is very beneficial. One of the primary problems with adjustments is the natural guarding and splinting of the stabilizer muscles and ligamentous structures.

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