Is It My Back or My Feet Stopping Me From Walking?

Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage that can happen in your feet; most commonly from Diabetes, aging, alcoholism, and metabolic disorders. It causes numbing and tingling in the feet, sharp shooting pains in the legs and it is worse at night and worse at rest. This starts at the toes and moves upwards.

Often this is confused with Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication (stenosis) from degeneration in the low back. The degenerated areas in the low back can cause leg and foot problems as it compresses the part of the spinal cord that branches to the legs and feet. The symptoms are leg pain, leg weakness on walking, numbing in the feet and occasional bowel and bladder problems. Relief with sitting and bending forward – this will affect your lifestyle as it limits you golfing, walking the dog and shopping.

These two are dealt with very differently and a proper diagnosis is necessary in order to keep patient’s active and mobile so they can walk the golf course, walk the dog and go to the shopping mall. With Peripheral Neuropathy; we protect patients feet from peak pressure and ulceration if they cannot feel due to the numbing and tingling in their feet. With stenosis (Lumbar), we acquire advanced imaging (x-rays, MRI) and exhaust conservative options (flexion-distraction, cold laser therapy) before referring for less conservative options like decompression surgery.

For further information on properly differentiating these two and properly treating them in order to keep you on your feet and moving; please call 250 758 1716. It’s Your Future, Be There Healthy…


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